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The Four Pillar Story

In the fall of 2016, the first of a series of citizen surveys started going out across the country, to leaders and centres of influence within the faith communities of Canada.

The surveys asked questions about what the faith community leaders believed were the issues and challenges that they were facing in their communities.

What were their ‘priorities’? What was important to them and the people they served?

Their responses included (but were not limited to) issues such as: Human trafficking, prostitution law, pornography addiction, euthanasia and the vulnerable, drug use and marijuana edibles, abortion, education, conscience protection, freedom of religion, the protection of all children, gender theory, debt and taxation.

It is from these initial survey responses and subsequent opportunities for faith leaders to provide input that the 4 Pillar priorities were identified. 

To view the complete story, click the link below to download the transcript.